Calibrating/adjusting BME688 values?

I have a BME688 connected to a tufty2040 to collect and dislpay values. It was working fine when last tested but the temperature values are completely incorrect. Its reading 29 degrees C when the thermostat is reading 21. Is there any way to recalibtrate the sensor or correct the issue? I dont see any reference to this on the micropython doc

How is it mounted to the Tufty? I had the same issue when I soldered a BME280 right to the tufty with no wiring harness of Header. Heat from the Tufty Board was making it read high. Switching to a cable plugged into the QWICC connector solved the issue.

There is no soldering at all.I am also using the QWICC connectors and it is at least 20cm from the tufty or any other heat sources.I thought that the sensor itself is heating up but I have never had this issue before and is only occuring now?

OK, its not that then.

I think the heater element for the gas sensor on BME680 / BME688 makes the temperature from those sensors read a little higher. The heat generated by Tufty’s LCD might also have an effect?

This Enviro+ Pack example attempts to to adjust BME68X temperature and humidity with an offset: pimoroni-pico/ at faf4efac34f0bbc54561d68de82ad72ffde4b950 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub