Can the 1.12" OLED (I2C) suffer from burn in issues?

Hey there! I am planning to use the 1.12" OLED (black-and-white, I2C version) as a status display for my BME680 on a Pi Zero W. If I constantly display something on this display 24x7, will it cause the display to deteriorate very quickly and cause “burn in”? That is the old image is etched in the screen due to constantly keeping the pixels on? OLEDs are known to do this and so if someone keeps their OLED TV on all the time, for example, it can suffer this.

I searched online extensively but I did not get a clear answer for this question. So I was wondering if it can develop burn in issues. If so, what is the best practice for using the display? Should I reduce brightness, periodically change what is displayed?