Cant use enviro+, due to lack of documentation on software requirements

In short, i got a enviro +, but i cant use the device because of software dependencies.

So over all i really like and appreciate what the pimoroni is doing, however this issue has been eating me, wanted to some views on this.

So I see devices like rpi hats (example the enviro +) like usb devices, you can plug in to any RPI (with some software installs) and you should be able to use them. i believe this is important for novice or expert users. A user who installed a kodi/ubntu/dietpi should not need to re-install rasbian to use a hat that they bought, but thats what pimoroni are saying.

I use dietpi (its a minimal os) on my rpi’s (many benefits in my case), after I got by enviro + i spent hours fixing 1 dependency at a time, reaching partial functionality.

I pinged pimoroni support, their initial response was “the web page says use rabian os”, it is too much to ask for list of dependencies to be listed and shared with customer?

  • not to mention they dont specify which version of rasbian (version number or lite or not)

Due to pimoroni not documenting their tools properly, all non rasbian users are thrown to the side to debug for no reason.

I only bought a few stuff from pimoroni, didnt have issues with them, is this a one time issue or does the above happen a lot?


is this a one time issue or does the above happen a lot?

I think in general Pimoroni don’t support non-Raspbian OSes for the Pi, except for specific cases like the Picade. I do think there are certain instances where their products would benefit from additional information but I get the impression that their software people are constantly busy as it is.

“Some” of their Python examples have error monitoring and will look for what is needed, and when its not found, tell you you need to install X.
Near as I can tell, from what has been posted on the Pi Foundation Forum. Buster Lite has had some stuff removed that was in the previous Lite Editions. And it appears that does cause some issue with some of the Pimoroni software, that worked before but doesn’t now. Not without installing an extra bit or two.
Me, I pretty well just stick to Raspbian. The only other OS I run is Motion Eye OS for my Camera setups. The Pan Tilt was a bit of a pain to setup, but that was just because of the restrictions on what can be done in Motion Eye OS. I just made detailed notes as i went along on how I got it all to work. Stray off of the beaten path and things can get tricky with lots of head scratching. For me its always been that way with the Raspberry Pi. Not a complaint just an observation.
I do agree that there could be better documentation / instructions. I’d like to see more consistency in how things are done. Quit often on the product page it will say do a curl bash to install the software. But then in the learning section its a git clone And I totally agree that a “you may also to install the following” might be in order.

I’m in the same boat.

I got the enviro and enviro+ to build a fun project to monitor the environment inside and outside.

However I have yet to get either one of the devices to work properly.

Ok ok, so…yes…I wanted a project and for the most part I am working on this like solving a “puzzle”.

But dang it, after several days or work, digging through GitHub, Pimoroni forums , Youtube and what ever I can find; I still don’t have fully functioning devices?

I AM running Raspbian Buster Full Desktop yet not all the dependencies are even remotely correct.

What can Pimoroni do to help your customers use the devices you sold us?

Come on guys!! How about a bit of help? Please?


I do believe @Matt is with the Pimoroni Crew, maybe he can chime in. And or point us to the needed info.
Or maybe @gadgetoid I do believe he is the software guy.

I don’t have an Enviro but plan on adapting some of the examples for an equivalent type setup. BME280, 0.96" SPI Color LCD and an RV3028 Real-Time Clock. And maybe a few other bits. I’m just waiting for some stuff to arrive. At some point hopefully I can add some kind of meaningful input on how to get some of it working.

Thank you for replying and helping in another thread. :-)

I am re-imaging an SD card to start from scratch.

This doesn’t work for everybody but for me I use Raspbian with Desktop. And when I’m all done with getting everything working, and its a headless setup, I just set it to boot to command line to save resources. IMHO its almost as good as running the Lite version. You will use more space on your SD card, but with the cards i use I always have lots of free space anyway.

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Some awsome person has a post in dietpi, after installing all the things there it works

su -
apt install python-numpy python3-numpy
apt install python-smbus python3-smbus
apt install python-setuptools python3-setuptools
apt install build-essential
apt install gdb-multiarch
apt install python-dev
apt install python-pip python3-pip
apt install python-pil python3-pil
pip install wheel && pip3 install wheel && pip install spidev && pip3 install spidev
pip install requests && pip3 install requests
pip install RPi.GPIO && pip3 install RPi.GPIO

note: you might also need to change some setting, full details in: