Colour module on python


I just forked your python module to enable the colour module and sent you a pull request.

On the help side, I don’t really get the clear result.
What would be the acceptable range of clear? And what would be the use of it?


Ooh, you caught an error I’d missed!

There’s now a better ShipShape branch of the Python API to go with the new firmware if you’re up for trying it:

The “Clear” result is the 4th, unfiltered sensor on the chip. It’s 4 light sensors, 3 of which are filtered with red, green and blue filters. If you divide any of the other values by the “Clear” value then you get a relative-amount-of-colour-to-total-light, which is handy for getting relative colour values that don’t change dramatically with the amount of ambient light.


Thanks for the info, I’ll try that branch soon.
Clear gives me values on the range of -32k + 32k I think some normalization on that value is missing right?