Component wear whilst coding on the Pico

After many hundreds of USB cable insertions and disconnections (into a USB hub) over the space of 10 days or so whilst programming my Pico in C++ the cable is trashed!
This got me wondering how resilient that little switch is on the Pico as that was the first thing I suspected. It also got me thinking that I am probably going to have to get single wire debugging working which means some soldering I didn’t really want to do. Maybe Pimoroni might consider creating a version with headers (as they already do) but also with upward facing SWD pin header.

I have my PICO on the OMNIBUS. I just ground the Run pin on the unused slot with a Female to female jumper. I leave the Run end connected and just touch the other end to one of the - (ground) pins momentarily. There is nothing stopping you from soldering a set of stacking headers on the Pico. Female on top male on bottom.
These could likely be used.
Feather Stacking Headers - 12-pin and 16-pin female headers – Pimoroni