Connect more than one Mote pHAT to one raspberry pi zero



Is it possible to connect more than one Mote pHAT to one raspberry pi zero? if yes, howI can I code it?



It’s possible, yes, but not simple since you would, at the very least, need to re-wire the pins for Channel 1, 2, 3, 4 to another set of 4 pins and change the library to support 8 channels and use them:

You’d have to change: to add the 4 pins you’ve chosen to the end.

And: to reflect the new number of channels (8, or maybe 12 or 16 if you use even more)


(which should probably use NUM_CHANNELS rather than duplicate code)

And, well, actually I think that’s it!

I think the wiring would be the tricky bit.

Using the USB Mote would be easier, but not half as fun!


For wiring, I would purchase a “black hat hack3r” from pimoroni. It lets you break out the GPIO to two separate headers so you can fit both hats.