Connecting and saving files to a NAS

Can anyone suggest a link on how I can do this?
I want to duplicate my Enviro data on my NAS for security/safety, by adding it to my Python code.

Do you have some more details about the NAS? If it is not really necessary to do it via the Python code and you have a Synology NAS you could use these instructions:
How to back up Linux computer to Synology NAS
I don"t know anything about how the Enviro data is saved, but if it are files in a certain folder and you have a Synology NAS it should/might work, at least it did for me some time ago. Good luck!

Thanks for the link. I have a Synology NAS so it should be helpful, I will have a read.
The reason I said ‘adding to Python’ was because my code currently saves to the SD every 5 minutes and graphs the data with Nopheads EnviroPlusWeb app and Grafana so I thought it would be the place to add a save to NAS line.

Spent a fruitless couple of hours trying to get this to work. Lots of searching on the web and following many threads, but no success.
Synology recommend using rsync but it didn’t connect for me. I think it could be a permissions problem, which I could not solve. :(

The permissions thing with Linux could sometimes be the problem, what I always try in those cases is to give full permission with chmod 777 (or some similar command, just google chmod) to see if it really is a permissions problem. Keep in mind that changing those things could make your system vulnerable, good luck with it!