Cosmic Doom Guy

Doom Guy, from the original video game Doom (1993), on your Pimoroni Cosmic Unicorn Pico W Smart LED Matrix - Cosmic Unicorn (32x32 – 1024 pixels)


Press the A, B, C, or D buttons to change Doom Guy’s mood:

  • A: Happy
  • B: Upset
  • C: Angry
  • D: Bloody

The routine will rotate through images representing each mood every 10 seconds. This value can be configured at the top of the MicroPython file.

This script is not particularly interesting on its own, but can be used as a foundation to build upon to make Doom Guy react to things. I am currently working on another variation of this script that will react to the status of my Nagios server where the more services are in WARNING or CRITICAL state, Doom Guy gets more angry.


Renamed the github folder. Here is the new updated location:

Thanks for this, amusing project for the cosmic.