DAC pHAT: impossible to mix some music player (rspotify and LMS)


I installed DAC pHAT and use the one line command to install it => nice! good sound!

But i still have a problem: i installed raspotify to play spotify music.
It works correctly.

Then i installed squeezelite to play music from my LMS server. it works nice too!

But if i start to play spotify music, i can’t play LMS music at the same time.
And if i play LMS music first i can’t play spotify music at the same time!

Do you have an idea about the reason ?
Can i help you with log or anything?

I try the same on a rpi2 and have no problem using defaut sound card

Thanks for help,
William Louradour

You should look into ALSA’s dmix plugin or pulseaudio to solve this, since ALSA- as standard- can only handle audio from one incoming source.

I’m guessing you’re trying to crossfade or something?

Thanks for your reply.

I will try to look at ALSA’s dmix plugin but i’m not expert.

But i think the problem is since software phat dac installation. Because, if i try to listen 2 music at the same time, i have no problem on a rpi2 without phat dac, but if i use phat dac, it doesn’t work.

is there anything in the phatdac software installation that blocks the crossfade?

I just look about dmix plugin, and find the difference between the two configuration. on rpi2 i use analog output on wich dmix is activated by defaut, not on digital output.
I’m trying to activated it.
i will inform you about result

Beware that on Stretch dmix appears to be broken in subtle ways that cause a crash in Pi VU Meter. I tend to use Pulse with the configuration documented here: https://gist.github.com/Gadgetoid/3301cec3e47495e75b31d3120d8f17d9 and keep the ALSA stack as simple as possible.


It works!!

Yesterday, i tried with DMIX but impossible to work with. After that i tried another solution with pulse audio but not better, and finally your solution: IT WORKS.

Thanks a lot!
I hope it can help others.

Have a good day,

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