DIY Remote for Google Home and Chromecast using Button SHIM and Pi Zero W


DIY Remote control for Google Cast Devices using Raspberry Pi Zero and Pimoroni Button SHIM

Click on the image below to see the demo

Detailed Youtube Video

Step-1 - Install drivers for Button SHIM using:

sudo curl | bash  

Step-2 - Install dependencies using:

sudo apt-get install git  
sudo pip3 install pychromecast  

Step-3 - Clone the project using:

cd /home/pi/  
sudo git clone  

Step-4 - Declare your Google Cast devices in the script

#Enter the IP Addresses of your Google Cast devices   
#Enter the names of the Google Cast devices as in the Google App  
chromecasts_name=['Living Room Speaker','Living Room TV']  

Step-5 - Setup the script to start on boot using:

sudo chmod +x /home/pi/pi-gcast-remote/scripts/  
sudo /home/pi/pi-gcast-remote/scripts/  

Note: pychromecast API takes time to get the list of active devices, hence continuous device status monitoring has not been added as it would cause delays to get a response from a device on button press. So the remote control program should be started after making sure that your devices are online.

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