Dot3k & DotHAT on Windows IoT


Hello there,

I myself enjoy to write software using Visual Studio and C# and the fact that I could develop something with my bug knowledge of .NET, C#, etc. using Windows IoT on an RPi just feels awesome. I’d love to develop something with IoT and a Dot3k / DotHAT.

Are there any plans on writing a library for Windows IoT for Dot3k and DotHAT (like the Python Library)?


At the moment no, although we welcome any community efforts to do so!

Since it’s just me, with a little help from the community, @RogueM and @sandyjmacdonald keeping the software up to scratch- there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep on top of the Python stuff, without adding C# into the mix!

I’m fairly rusty on the C# front, too, not that I was ever the most effective C# programmer ;) A lot of the new design patterns, for example the Async/Await stuff, are totally alien to me, so I’d have a lot of catching up to do before I could make anything worthy of widespread use.

Another problem is that Windows IoT, at least when I tried it out, didn’t give quite the same flexibility as GPIO assignment and control that Raspbian does. That’s to say that some pins were “off limits” and permanently assigned to a specific function like UART etc. A quick Google and it looks like they’ve rectified that, though:

I did actually get a Display-o-Tron backlight up and running a while ago, but to get it working fully I’d have first have to port our Cap1xxx, SN3218 and st7036 libraries!