Enviro-Indoor Monitor のUTCからJSTに変更したい


先日、東京 秋葉原で Enviro-Indoor Monitor

しかし、weather-and-light.py 等の時間がイギリスの時間になってます。
UTC→JST に変えたいです。

Welcome to the forum. Posting the English translation of that will get you much better odds of help.

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Thankyu so much !

From Google Translate:

Nice to meet you.
I am Japanese and can’t speak english.
Excuse me in Japanese.

Enviro-Indoor Monitor the other day in Akihabara, Tokyo
It’s so small and convenient, I like it!

However, the time of weather-and-light.py etc. is the time of England.
I want to change from UTC to JST.
Do you need to change your code?
Please tell me where to fix.

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I’m afraid I don’t speak Japanese so I’m going to have to rely on Google Translate here!

If you read the weather-and-light.py file there is a section starting on line 305 where you can set the city name and time zone:

# The city and timezone that you want to display.
city_name = "Sheffield"
time_zone = "Europe/London"

There is a list of valid cities here: Astral documentation



# The city and timezone that you want to display.
city_name = "Sheffield"
time_zone = "Europe/London"

ここに有効な都市のリストがあります: Astral documentation

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Nice to meet you.
Thank you for the translation.

From Google Translate

Good evening
Thank you for your reply.
I am very kind and sorry.

# The city and timezone that you want to display.
city_name = "Sheffield"
time_zone = "Europe/London"

I wanted to change both “Sheffield” and “Europe/London” to “Tokyo”, but when I tried to rewrite it with LXTerminal, “I can’t because the disk is full or I don’t have permission to write.”

I don’t know the future, so please let me know.
Thank you.

You’re very welcome, and you don’t need to apologise!

If your microSD card isn’t full then you may not be listed as an owner of the program. Try running sudo chmod 775 weather-and-light.py in a terminal in the directory when the script is.

Or perhaps try creating a copy of the program and editing that.


microSDカードがいっぱいでない場合は、プログラムの所有者としてリストされていない可能性があります。 スクリプトがある場合は、ディレクトリのターミナルで sudo chmod 775 weather-and-light.pyを実行してみてください。


Good evening!
Thank you for your advice this time.

I was stumped many times by copying the program, but I searched a lot and now I can safely display Japan time.

The next goal is to turn on the power and let the application start automatically and shut down without a PC.

Please try again and if you do not understand, please give me again.

Thank you so much!

From Google Translate