Enviro pHAT Analog Sensor Issue


I am having an issue with my enviro phat which I currently have running with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I currently have them stacked on top of one another using the provided headers.

I am able to get sensor data off of all the on board sensors but when I try and use the analog in portion, my pi seems to be locking up. With the pi off, if I plug in the sensor to 5v, ground, and analog 0 the board will freeze up when I power it back on leaving me unable to access the pi via ssh. I was able to reboot the pi without the sensor and it boots just fine which leads me to believe that the problem is in my wiring. Final note, the green led on the sensor does light up when I plug in the pi.

I am using this sensor: https://pulsesensor.com/

And I currently have it wired as such:

My questions are as follows:

  1. Is this wiring scheme correct and if not what do I need to change?

  2. In searching these forums I came across this thread: Explorer pHAT ADC From this, am I to understand that I can use the sensor as is without all of the fussing with dropping it down to 3.3.v?

HI, I used a voltage divider with my pulsesensor but did not get it working with the Explorer pHAT ADC - It all worked fine with a voltage divider and the Envrio pHAt though…