Enviro Plus - Playing with Noise sensor


I am a new user of the EnviroPlus PIM486
I have all the example files working well - but I am not too sure how to understand the noise sensor’s output.

shows the functions available from the sensor - I guess more can be built to extract more from the sensor. Is there some doc on the sensor?

By default I understand it’ll sample the noise for 0.5 sec and can provide a profile.

Do you know if it provides a way to get the volume levels (in dB) ?
I am not a noise/sound expert, but I would like to store some data to get the average noise level and/or profile (amp/freq) of a room across the day. Would you recommend increasing the noise sampling period - or store multiple readings and average them out per unit of time?

Any thoughts appreciated

It does a Fast Fourier Transform, so it tells you how much sound of each frequency you got over the time period it sampled for. I’m not sure what the units are, apparently the FFT outputs a number with the same units as the data sent into it, I’m not sure if that would be volts for the microphone?

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Did you ever fnd any docuentation on this? I just wanted to do a simple read out of data, no charts. Thanks

No, I did not find anything helpful on this.
I’d love to be able to get the average noise levels in a room ( more or less storing the dB output of what modern phones can do ) but haven’t found anything.

This might help

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