Enviro weather (Pico W aboard)

I’m trying to take weather data with the Enviro, but the location I’m going to will have no WiFi and so I will have to save the data locally. Currently, my Pico W can’t set the time without WiFi and so I can’t take measurements. I thought I could set the time via serial and then it could run and save data locally. It’ll only need to run for about a day at a time. I’m struggling to do this… can anyone help? I’m super new to raspberry pi’s so please go easy :')


I would take a different approach: set the external RTC of the enviro somewhere where you have wifi. Make sure you have a the battery attached. That should already do the trick.

If you are really without any wifi, then you could connect using serial and update the rtc manually using the REPL. You would need to check the code for the rtc-library used and which method sets the date/time of the rtc and then enter the commands in the REPL.

Also If you’re worried about battery swaps, adding the Amigo Pro or a similar breakout would give you the ability to either charge in place, or temporarily power it while swapping batteries (Amigo Pro would require Lithium cells, but there are other USV boards)

Alternatively, if the remote location has cell phone service a phone with hotspot capacity could solve any wifi woes while doing battery swaps