Enviro+ with ESP32 support

Hello there,

Does anybody know if there is any progress on the ESP32 support for the Enviro+ unit?
Being able to have WiFi to export the data for further analysis would be well…use-full.

Looking at two older topics from 2020 there was speculation about possible support after COVID and once the ESP32 has USB support (it has) so keen to understand if ESP32 support is coming.


Adafruit’s ESP32-S2 supports CircuitPython. It looks like one of the Pimoroni devs started making a library for it on Circuitpython, but I don’t know the current state of it/if it works with the current version of CircuitPython. Might be worth giving it a shot?

Hey Shoe,

Thanks for the link. I check out these Lib’s as part of my initial setup and my (perhaps incorrect) understanding is the pimoroni_envirowing is essential for running the Enviro+.

Yet (AFAIK) this Lib is not under development. The last GitHub commit was 3 years ago.