EnviroPi without the Pi

I have been using an envriophat / envrio hat for about 6 months now and it is a nice little sensor kit, but I’m now trying to move away from the Pi and use an ESP8266 instead.

I know this is completely unsupported, but I was hoping I could get some pin information (gpio) on which pins are used in the hat. Obviously I2C is being used, but I am unsure whether 3.3v and 5v is being used, or just 5v. If its relying on 5v power, I won’t have much success, but I’m hoping since the individual chips can support 3.3v or 5v that I can switch between.


The ADS1015 runs directly on 5V power and has logic level shifting for the i2c bus. The other ICs run at 3v3 from a voltage regulator. You could feed 3v3 into the output of this to avoid the need for 5V, but it’d be hacky!

Pinout info is here, but it wont tell you much beyond what you already know: https://pinout.xyz/pinout/enviro_phat

Not completely sure how to do that to be honest, I’m not clear where the regulator is on the hat. The ADS1015 can run at 3.3v, so I was hoping. Thanks for the information, looks like I’ll have to skip using this sadly. :( Its a nice piece of hardware.