EnviroPlus Assistance

Just a FYI post. I’m currently running Enviro and Enviro+ code on a Breakout Garden setup. And with the display(s) and sensors mounted on headers to proto zero boards. It’s one way to isolate your Pi from the sensors. I just put the Proto Zero’s or Breakout Garden Mini 's on a Mini Black Hat Hacker or pHat Stack. The Pi Zero with a 90 female header plugs in where the ribbon cable normally goes. There are lots of ways to stop the heat transfer from the Pi to the sensor.

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Simple visible-to-the-world graphing is easily achieved via io.adafruit.com (their free account allows up to 10 sensors - great as there are 9 sensors on an enviro+ with particle counts).

See my dashboard at IO - Cortmalaw (adafruit.com) where I’ve added a Geiger counter as well


I understand you were able to send Pimoroni enviro + data to Adafruit IO. Could you please share some info as to how you were able to do this. What program/s did you use to send data/ info to Adafruit IO
Thanks in advance

I started from this project by roscoe81, thenheavily modified it to suit my needs (it’s more complicated than I need). Adafruit outputs are part of it.