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Recently purchased an enviroplus to attach to a Raspberry Pi. I wish to save and remote graph all the sensor readings. After reading the Luftdaten webpage it looks like the site does. Of accept or display the “gas” sensor data, is this correct. If this certain then I do not want to use Luftdaten, but want to know how to save and display/ graph the sensor data. I need help as I am a beginner when it comes to data graphing over the Internet.
Please help

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Hello geotek

I too purchased an Enviroplus board and from what I found on google is that you can graph locally to the pi board with matlibplot here is what I found so far https://www.sparkfun.com/news/2735   hope thats helps.    I have not found many users that purchased the board that are sharing their projects.   What I did find was a lot of sites reviewing the board and annoucing its release that is standard PR  they did not have their hands on the board but were given pre written script to 

advertise- review the product.

mqtt is also used for logging

Github is a great resource to search for code for your platform , I recomend you set yourself up with a github account to track/download/store code you use in your project.

Also suggest joining raspberrypi.org forum to get help on python and raspberry pi hardware platform problems

here are some links that might help

This first one is from pimoroni its their github repo for examples for the enviroplus board

the next one is a search results from git hub and enviroplus

https://github.com/search?q=enviroplus it shows 3 results that relate to the board in question

this particular deals with mqtt https://github.com/hotplot/enviroplus-mqtt

this one deals with a webserver and flask

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Thanks for your reply concerning the Enviroplus

I was looking at the various items you posted and came across the:

Enviro+ MQTT Logger

I have some questions concerning this entry.
How does this software work? Where does this data go in this listing? How do you receiver/ see the sensor data? I not sure I completely follow what needs to be done.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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