Preconfigured pi4 Enviroplus Images?

Just curious if anyone knows of an image already configured. I’ve not the time to set up the myriad of methods to enable simplistic setup of the Enviroplus. I’ve done mqtt with mixed results, attempted HomeKit and Python installs where services fail to load successfully, wiped reinstalled started from scratch and still after a month unable to get things to flow correctly. I’d preferably like to get the HomeKit development working for the family to use.
I don’t know if this is something that’s looked down upon asking for an easy way, but at this point I feel like it couldn’t hurt.

I haven’t seen anything like that. I don’t own an Enviro or Enviro+ but I am running Enviro and Enviro+ code on equivalent setups. Breakout Garden setups mostly.
I just run the individual installers for the screen, BME280, etc. Then do some minor modifications to the python examples and run those. I’m not doing any of the mqtt stuff though. Just displaying locally on the LCD. Pi Zero W’s used here.
You could make your own image once its all setup.

It can take a while to setup a build / project, that’s just the way it is with this type of tinkering. I find it very rewarding once I’m done though.

Have you seen these guides?

Getting Started with Enviro+ - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity
An outdoor air quality station with Enviro+ and Luftdaten - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity

I originally followed that guide with limited success, the start up service failed at boot each time and I did not want to upload the data related to my residence to a public site. Privacy concerns abound. I reached out to the dev for the HomeKit integration project to ask if he might have a image readily usable, though

Sorry to hear your struggling. I have four separate weather measuring type setups. Nothing sending to the cloud though, I haven’t had that need so far. I just like to know what the current conditions are, right here right now type of thing. I do have one setup that graphs the temperature, humidity and pressure so I can see trends, but its not logged to a file. It’s just displayed in a graph on the LCD.
I do agree with your privacy concerns. I struggled for a while to find a Pi camera setup that would let me watch the camera video stream without having to stream it to the internet first. I just wanted to view it on a PC over my LAN. Luckily Motion Eye OS will let me do that.

There are a few here doing the mqtt thing to a local PC. Not sure about HomeKit though?
Found this via search, might be worth a look see?
Enviro+Air - connects to broker, but data is not shown in HomeAssistant - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers