Kootnet for Enviro+

It seems like a lot of people are having issues setting up the Enviro+. I found a project called “Kootnet” that makes the setup quite easy through a web interface, and it supports all the Pimoroni sensors, so I’m not sure why PM doesn’t have it as a featured project.

Just image the raspbian lite to your sdcard, add the project with the wget command and away you go. For the Enviro+ board, config it using raspberry pi and enviro+. PMS5003 if you have it. I’m running a PMS7003, which is currently unstable and the logs show read timeouts, so I’ll have to switch to my 5003. The display will show the Pi and BME temperature every minute or so. Install time is about an hour since the Pi0W isn’t the quickest.

The base install includes an sql server, plotly, and options to upload to weather underground, opensensors and luftdaften. Although I’ve tried to register with luftdaten many times, they’ve never sent me any confirmation emails. Maybe they don’t want any Canadian sensors…

Here’s their project page.