Enviroplus: MiCS-6814 + Raspberry PI 3B+


I’m developing a project based on the gas.py example in the enviroplus library. And I’m some confused, I would like to know if the resistance value given by the code for each gas (Oxidising, Reducing and NH3) is the Rs, R0 or the Rs/R0 rate.

I think I can use the logarithmic expression to get the ppm value according to the Rs/R0 ratio. But I’ve read about a calibration that I must do for R0, I really don’t have more information about it.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with some information about this.

Thank you so much,

Cristian Medina.
Bogotá, Colombia.


Do a search on “Enviro”. And check out this thread, which may have your answer.

Good luck with the project.