Explore HAT segmentation fault


The code:

import explorerhat
import sys
V2 = explorerhat.analog.one.read()
print(’{0:5.2f} volts’.format(round(V2,2)))
e = sys.exc_info()[0]

on RPi gives

root@raspberrypi:~/.node-red/my_code# python analog.py
Explorer HAT Pro detected…
2.25 volts

Explorer HAT exiting cleanly, please wait…
Stopping flashy things…
Stopping user tasks…
Cleaning up…
Segmentation fault


This crops up from time to time, but doesn’t cause any issues- at least none that I’ve come across. I believe it’s something inside RPi.GPIO, but I haven’t dedicated the time to digging up why it happens yet.


thanks, the problem is that when I run it from exec node on nodered, the exception freezes nodered and RPi.