Explorer + Enviro + DAC Combo


Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of migrating a current Pi 1 project over to my Zero and combining all the various sensors, buttons, pot, switches and what not into a few pHATs.

Anyone have any idea if these can be combined readily:

and possibly the Display-O-Tron

Due to the space needed within my project they will not be stacked. Thanks!


both the Explorer and Enviro pHAT have an ADS1015 on-board, so the address will conflict on the I2C bus. That said, if you are going to do some selective wiring the workaround would be not to connect I2C on the Explorer.

… note that this workaround would only work with the Explorer pHAT, at least without also giving up the CapTouch found on the HAT version.

there are further complication i.e pin conflicts between the Explorer and the Display-O-Tron, and again you could choose not to wire up some of the Explorer pins, but at that point you will probably want to consider what function you want the Explorer to have in your setup and whether it makes sense to use it in such a reduced capacity.

Check http://pinout.xyz for more details about the pin conflicts between your chosen boards.


Thanks for the info, it seems, with the reduced capabilities, I don’t need/can’t use the explorer. I’ll just stick with utilizing a raw L293d for motor control. I could use the space savings anyway!

I don’t have any need for 2 ADCs for this particular project, so it’s unnecessary. According to pinout, it looks like I should be ok with the Enviro, Display-O-Tron and DAC, that’ll greatly simplify my project.


I’m reading some conflicting info on the web about what power pins are required for the DAC, Enviro, and Scroll pHATs, can someone confirm this setup?

I’m not using headers, the pHATs will be hooked up remotely (about 2-3 inches from my Zero) so I have a bit of flexibility to move pins power/ground pins around I assume, I just need to make sure I’m providing these hats with the proper feed.


pinout.xyz has the correct info. physcal pin 2 and 4 are almost always bridged, being next to one another, so it does not matter which one you use (or if you’d like to tap into both for convenience).


Ok, thanks.

I read here that the DAC used both 3.3v and 5v, however pinout doesn’t show this? I’m more apt to believe pinout.xyz however.


AFAIK, the 3v3 power rail is unused. A voltage regulator supplies the chip with a steady operating voltage. @jon would have more info than I on the matter though so I’ll have to confirm the info with him.


@RogueM is right, we use a low-noise regulator to supply the DAC chip to give it a lovely clean power supply. :-)


Great, thanks, I’ll leave the 3.3v rail out then!


Thanks for your help, I’m all setup. Now to start coding these up!