Explorer Phat - Read Lipo Voltage

Is it possible to read the voltage of a Lipo with the analog pins of the Explorer Phat?
I tried it, but the voltage flows into the raspberry pi.
If yes, how do I connect it to the explorer phat?

Thank you ;)

I cloud be wrong but you would probably solder a wire from the top left 5v pin to one of the analog inputs whilst the explorer phat is on the same header as zero Lipo. I definitely could be wrong but that is all I could think of! Hope that helps!

The voltage of the 5V pin are always stable. But the Voltage of the Lipo is different.
I know how to connect it to an arduino board and how to read the voltage, but I think the analog pins of the pHat work differently.

I suppose you could splice the red power lead and measure it that way?

What do you mean by “the voltage flows into the raspberry pi”? What voltage is your LiPo and how are you hooking it up for measurement?

I dug up a sensible application circuit from the bottom of this thread: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/39409/how-can-i-measure-battery-voltage-with-my-mcu

But it seems a little overkill. The impedance on the ADS1115 inputs is 10M Ohm, and they’re 5v tolerant, so as far as I understand it, it should be able to to measure the battery voltage with very little leakage current using simply a direct connection.

By direct connection do you mean splice on to the red lipo power cable?

Assuming my understanding that the very high impedance of the analog pins would minimise leakage current, then yes. This is pushing the boundaries of my fundamental electronics knowledge- of which I have precious little :D

What is the LIPO plugged into? There must be an up converter in there some where to get you 5V? On my Powerboost 1000c there is a BAT terminal where I can measure the actual battery voltage. I would think that could be measured via the explorer analog input? It has •Four buffered 5V tolerant inputs (perfect for Arduino compatibility)