Fan SHIM compatability

Fan SHIM – Active Cooling for Raspberry Pi 4 - Pimoroni is – I assume by its name – not compatible with a Pi 3 (specifically I have a Pi 3 B+) Is there another fan or other cooling solutions I could get from Pimoroni that would be compatible?

It will work on a Pi 3B+. The GPIO pinout is the same on both.

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Thanks :D

Just realised something crazy important! Will it work with OctoPi? Like I guess the general functionality probably won’t, but it would at least spin?

The fan runs even with no software installed. The default state is on. The fan control pin has to be pulled low to turn it off. Its a fail safe setup. The downside is on OS shutdown the fan will run until you remove power from the Pi.

I modified mine so the default state is off. The downside is it will only turn on when commanded by software.

If Octoprint runs “in” Raspbian the installer should work.

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Awesome. I always power off my Pi anyway, as I’ve no way (afaik) to turn it back on if I shutdown the server. Thanks :)

The button on the fan shim grounds GPIO 3 / Pin 5 when pressed. If the Pi was shut down but left powered, it will boot back up again.
Fan Shim BCM 17 Pin 11 Button
Fan Shim BCM 18 Pin 12 Fan Control

You can also have the button do a proper shutdown with a dtoverlay entry in the config.txt file.
The button also grounds GPIO 17 when pressed.

There is also a dtoverlay for fan control.
With the above it turns on at 55c and off again at 45c. 60000 would be on at 60 off at 50.
Fan SHIM at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout