Fanshim spins indefinitely when RPi4 is shutdown

I’am the happy owner of a Rpi4 and a wonderful fanshim !!!

I have just one problem : when i shutdown my Pi, the fan spins indefinitely and i have no solution to stop it…If i want to stop it, i need to unplug the RPi4 power supply. If I press the fanshim button (in order to stop it), the RPi reboot…

Can you help me !!! Do you observe the same behaviour of the fanshim ?

Remove it and reseat / reconnect it and see if that helps. It sounds like one or more of the contacts aren’t making a good contact. Pinout is here.

BCM 18 physical pin 12 is the fan control.
Did you run the installer and install the daemon to make the fan auto run?
If yes does the fan turn on and off on its own when the Pi is running?
I don’t have mine yet, its on its way. I do believe the button is supposed to turn the Pi on and off, and the fan gets a turn off signal from the PI when it shuts down. I’ll have to go read up on how it works again to refresh my memory. A bit rushed for time right now.

Thanks alphanumeric, it was not a connection problem.
In fact, I applied a few days ago the bootloader update for the Pi4 ( 2019-07-15 - RC3.3 - Git 514670a2, set ) @

This bootloader update causes the problem I observe on the fanshim …

I install the previous bootloader (2019-05-10 RC2.1 - Git d2402c53 ) and the fanshim is now stop when the Raspberry is shutdown.

I hope this problem will be solved on the next bootloader update…

I updated to this one,
So I can boot up and shutdown by grounding GPIO 3 / Pin 5. I’ll be getting my fan shim some time next week so I’ll see how that goes. I really hope I don’t have to go back to the old bootloader.
I also did this firmware update,
It looks to have lowered my temps by a fair margin, about 10c.

The first update you notice on your last reply is exactly the same that i applied to my Pi4 (RC 3.3). I made this update exactly for the same reason (start stop button)
Keep me informed if you have the same problem…

I will let you know, my fan shim should arrive any day now.

Fan shim just arrived in the mail.
It won’t fit on the GPIO with the heatsink in place. Not and be anywhere near a reliable connection, it would be right at the end of the pins.
I put a booster header on the GPIO and plugged it into that. Spacing looks OK to me with the fan in the stock mounting position. I haven’t soldered anything yet. Just going to let it run and see how it works out. Software is installed and the daemon is setup.
The button will do a shutdown if its running, and a boot up if I leave it powered up. Fan stays on constant though after the Pi shuts down. Even if its off when I press the button.
Led appears to be working OK.
Might be a while before it hits 65c, its at 50c right now. Ambient is ~22c

Other than the fan not turning off when the Pi shuts down, everything appears to be working as advertised. I saw the LED go yellow, then orange, then Red. Then the fan turned on and ran until the temp went back down to 55c. Led then went green again.

I guess the next step is to go back to the stock boot loader. Is that going to break the on off button functionality. I guessing it will shutdown but won’t boot up when the button is pressed?

EDIT: I did an eeprom recovery rc3.3 but it made no difference. I’m debating just leaving it as is, either way at some point I’ll have to unplug the power supply.

EDIT: 2 If you stop, and then disable the service (daemon) that turns the fan on and off, it just runs continuously once the Pi boots up. This also appears to turn off the LED. So if you never set the daemon up, I would think the LED doesn’t work. The button still turns the Pi on off though, so thats good. I decided to just let tit run like the CPU fan on a PC runs. It should give me a consistent lower temperature with no big fluctuations. In theory anyway, we’ll see. I’m only allowed 3 posts in a row so I have to edit this one until somebody else replies. ;)