HDMI and Hyperpixel

I have the HyperPixel, and when I run the Pimoroni installer it configures everything so that when I reboot the HyperPixel takes over as the main screen and the HDMI stops working. What is required to keep the HDMI as the main screen and have the HyperPixel as a secondary screen?

I can do this if I have a VGA666 adapter attached to the Pi via the GPIO, so I assume it should be possible with HyperPixel as well?

How do you accomplish this with the VGA666? From everything I’ve read, it’s still impossible to use a dual display configuration on the Pi since there’s no framebuffer, or GPU support for it. This applies to VGA666, HyperPixel, and the Official Touchscreen- all of which use GPU accelerated interfaces which become the primary display and steal the framebuffer away from HDMI.

See: https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel/issues/8

I’ve certainly got the main desktop on HDMI with a video simultaneously playing on a screen connected via the VGA666 adapter. I’ll have to look again at what I did yo get that working.

Shows video and desktop - but I suspect dual desktop and then extended desktop would be rather harder…