How to get music playing with Phat Dac board

I have got the raspberry pi zero W and bought the Phat Dac board from here. I used the setup instruction from the list of projects and for whatever reason I can’t get any audio output at all. Do I need to install some audio player.

Edit: I have installed pulseaudio which I saw on another thread, and also Audacious. Now music is playing but only for a few seconds for each track on a cd.

I get an error for every track it plays, saying Error playing file //path to /Music/CD/ music track.mp3

I have a raspberry pi zero w and have bought the Phat Dac from here.
I was hoping that I could use it to play music from my NAS server.

Since yesterday I have reinstalled the raspian os for the pi zero w, and then audacious thinking that would play music, but it wouldn’t play 1 track of music I copied to the music folder from my NAS media box. It did however play another or 2nd track to my speaker connected to the PhatDac phono socket.
The other thing I have done is to install the airplay software from the tutorial on another webpage

I’ve also installed both Audacious and pulseaudio to get this far.

This sounds like an issue with whatever you’re trying to play, rather than pHAT DAC. I typically use mplayer or vlc to play audio and haven’t used Audacious (at least not on the Pi).

Have you tried running a basic speaker test, like: speaker-test -c2 -t wav

Actually late yesterday, I installed Airplay using the guide on here, and when it finished it did a speaker test and sound was coming out of it.

Regarding the error when trying to play a CD track, this may have been the actual track that was at fault, and when played a different mp3 file it plays fine in Audacious.
Running the speaker-test worked fine as well.

Now music is playing, but it is only playing music which is on or in the Music folder on the pi zero. I was under the wrong impression that it would stream music from my NAS box, or at least that was what I thought it would do. And that was the reason I bought the pHAT DAC.


Can the pHAT DAC stream music or does have to be on the pi zero itself, in the music folder

The pHAT DAC has no bearing on music streaming, it’s just an output device. There should be no reason why your Pi Zero couldn’t stream music from a network share- although sensible limits on bitrate would apply. It handles streaming from Spotify and other internet sources with no problems.

I’ve never set up network share streaming, though, since I don’t have any music stored locally to stream (Spotify is just too easy), so I can’t really help with that. There must be guides out there, though.

Ok thanks , it looks like I’ll have to find how to stream music through the pHAT DAC, and I’ll look into Spotify.

You might want to try:

but as Musicbox is an img and needs to be on an micro sd card, when it boots up the wlan0 link is not ready, and says Error: Timeout, check your network settings and is unreachable.

On the sd card which has raspian, there is a wireless lan.

Edit: sorted that now.