How to run Hyperpixel 4.0 on I2C-0 (GPIO's 44&45)?

I use a Hyperpixel 4.0 touchscreen in combination with my custom ComputeModule4 board. I’ve seen on the CM4 that there is one more I2C-Bus on GPIO’s 44&45 which could be used. Is there any possibility to use this I2C-Bus for my touchscreen-driver? With the implementation of the touchscreen, there will normally be generated a software-wise I2C-Bus on GPIO’s 10 & 11 but because I now have one “real” i2c-bus left on the GPIO0s 44&45, I’m really interested in using this “real” I2C-Bus.

So my question: How or where do I change these settings? What do i have to take into consideration while making these changes.

Thanks for your help