How to uninstall the LiPo shim battery monitor


Hi there,

I installed Pimoroni’s battery monitoring software with this command:

curl | bash

But whenever I try to power on with usb instead of lipo and ssh into my pi, the terminal will constantly broadcast a shutdown message, rendering it impossible to work. I need to uninstall this software, but the sudo systemctl disable gpio-poweroff line that seemed to work in this thread returns an error of “No such file or directory”.

How do I uninstall this script? Thanks so much!




Parasitic Shutdowns

Be aware that altering the state of trigger_pin can throw you in a scenario where your Pi shuts down right away upon boot, if a process, dtoverlay, or HAT EEPROM, just to name a few possibilities, pulls it low on boot (or set it as an output, which implies it being driven low initially).

If this occurs right after you plugged a HAT, then try booting without it attached, and disable the cleatshutd service with:

sudo systemctl disable cleanshutd
There is another way, which is provided as an emergency solution for scenarios where reaching the bash prompt is not possible (because the Pi shuts down before you get a chance to do so).

In such cases, or as an alternative to the above, you may add the following to your /boot/config.txt file from another computer:


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