Hyper Pixel - Rotate

Without wanting to break up the fun, I think the first of my hyper pixels is faulty - when it’s been in use a while, or after a soft reboot, the display is dim and noisy. I’ll email sales.

Sorry to hear it! It seems a lot of the Hyperpixel and Inkyphat displays alike are going through a few technical hitches, so hopefully your replacement will suit your needs.
Just out of curiosity, how long was it on average that it took to start showing faults?

Pretty much immediate, sir. I think it’s an all or nothing thing with faults. No issue, thouggh, I have the returns address sorted out via support.

cough OK, sorry for that. It just took a while. A long, long while…

For those lucky enough not to face Evil Gee’s wrath, simply removing the 800 and 480 from both the x and y values works perfectly fine for me.

And it only took 24 hours or so!