Raspberry Pi 4 + Hyperpixel 4 screen in portrait mode touch seems inverted


I was pestering people on twitter about this here (Can see a video there of what’s happening).

I have a new Raspberry Pi 4 setup with the latest raspbian os, setup headless via SSH, then installed the HyperPixel 4 using the one line installer. Everything went fine, restarted, but the display is in portrait mode, and the Y axis (if looking at it in portrait mode) is inverted for touch making it pretty unusable. X axis is normal.

I’ve done and update and tried lcd_rotate=0 and 2 in /boot/config.txt and neither have changed anything. I installed a mouse and used the screen config utility in the GUI but changing the orientation there rotated the screen but the touch was still screwed up with strange axis things happening.

Anyone got any ideas? I’m away for a week working remotely on Saturday, and was planning on taking this with me to do some tinkering with, so would love to have this sorted before then.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.



I don’t have a Pi 4 or a Hyperpixel yet so can’t help directly but it might be worth looking at Hyperpixel 4 with touch - headache with touch! it looks like a similar problem.