HyperPixel 2.1R + I2C + Bullseye

The display works great with Bullseye and the new vc4-kms-dpi-hyperpixel2r overlay, but I can’t seem to get i2c working.

In this thread they mention “Touch isn’t working on [the 2R]” and when I look at the overlay it says status = "disabled" for the I2C node.

Is there any way to get the secondary I2C bus to work on HyperPixel 2.1R with bullseye?

Many thanks!

See if this helps,

Thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t help.

The HyperPixel 4 has no issue with touch or i2c on bullseye. It seems to be an issue specifically with the round one.

For giggles I downloaded the Linux kernel and rebuilt the overlay with i2c enabled, but then the display didn’t come on (I guess it was disabled for a reason!)