Hyperpixel 4.0 frustrations

So I installed my Hyperpixel 4.0 rectangular touch on a Pi 4 4mb with Octopi. How to I get it to rotate to lanfscape mode?
hyperpixel4-rotate left seems to rotate the touch interface but not the screen itself.

None of the places I looked at provide a satisfying answer… Only frustrated people complaining on an inexstant support…
This looks like a scam to me… Marketing is one thing. Support is another…

What I have from another thread is as follows.
And is supposed to rotate the display and touch.
You add the following line to your config.txt file. For you I would try

0 - no rotation
1 - rotate 90 degrees clockwise
2 - rotate 180 degrees clockwise
3 - rotate 270 degrees clockwise
0x10000 horizontal flip
0x20000 vertical flip