HyperPixel4 Touch offset problem

I have a HyperPixel4 purchased from recently from Mouser. I’ve installed the latest driver package from the HyperPixel4TouchScreen github repo, and rebuilt and installed the .dtbo overlay file. I’m using the display in portrait mode with display_rotate=4. None of the touchscreen “rotate_x” options for the hyperpixel4 dtoverlay work correctly for this orientation. The closest I’ve been able to get is with “rotate_1”, but then the short axis is inverted. I can fix this by adding “touchscreen-inverted-y” to the appropriate fragment in the dts file (then building and installing the overlay), but then there’s a fixed offset in the cursor position for the short axis.

I believe the driver is using the wrong max value when inverting the y axis which leads to the offset. The driver also has an option “touchscreen-x2y” which seems like it should take care of this, but I can’t get that to do anything.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

There are some indications that this Hyperpixel4 unit may have been in Mousers stock for awhile and I’m wondering if there’s a possibility that it’s an older unit with different hardware?