I can not make "Four Letter pHAT" work with "Ryanteck Rtk.GPIO"


I am a new comer to Python.
“Four Letter pHAT” works properly when I attach it to the Raspberry’s GPIO, but it does not work with “Ryanteck Rtk.GPIO”.

On a Raspberry I installed the pHAT with this code:

curl https://get.pimoroni.com/fourletterphat | bash

To install “Ryanteck Rtk.GPIO” I followed these steps: https://learn.pi-supply.com/make/getting-started-with-the-rtk-gpio-board

Then I added “import RTk.GPIO as GPIO” before “import RTk.GPIO as GPIO“ to the Python code.

I also tried installing the pHAT on a Linux OS computer, but the architecture was unsupported.