I2S microphone?

is there a plan to support I2S microphone within new audio products?

One thing I would like to be able to do is record video “with” sound in Raspbian or even more so in Motion Eye OS. It’s a big ask as far as Motion Eye goes, more than likely doable in Raspbian right now with some work. A Pimoroni camera mic gizmo with a simple one line installer would be uber cool though. =)
Hint Hint. ;)

The new Pirate Audio boards look to be all playback orientated. Live streams or MP3’s etc. I’m not knocking it, just an observation. I have a pHat Beat setup as a Pirate / Internet Radio that I use quit a bit. I have been mulling over adding a display to it to show what’s playing. I may not have to “do it myself” now.

I’d still like to see a Microphone Camera combo Pirate Video board. =)

something like this https://github.com/mano1979/Pesky-Products-ICS-43434