INA260 to measure battery voltage

Hi I’m looking for guidance on how to use this.
Software seems fine, but I think I might have fried the unit by connecting it to a battery.
My use case is battery monitoring, so how should I use this. Connecting directly to battery terminals?

Did you see this?
Overview | Adafruit INA260 Current + Voltage + Power Sensor Breakout | Adafruit Learning System
I’m a bit confused by the above if I’m honest? It’s wired up to measure current through its internal 2 milliohm (.002 ohms!) , 0.1% shunt resistor. Near as I can tell it doesn’t measure voltage, not the way we are thinking anyway, not like a voltmeter.
It measures the voltage on the shunt to calculate the current draw. If you connected it directly across your battery, V+ to Bat + and V- to Bat -, that shunt was burned out and is now an open circuit.

Yeah I saw it. Not much help in how to measure my battery voltage.

There are 2 ways I think it could be used

  1. maybe in conjunction with a resistor, measure the current and do some calcs to work out the voltage.
  2. using a simple voltage divider and measuring current and doing the calcs / calibrating.

I’ve already blown a couple of INA219 and have ordered replacement resistors.

Either way I can’t understand why adafruit hasn’t suggested a circuit for an actual use case.