Inky Phat update speed

I’ve got an InkyPhat Red/Black on my pi02w and it’s working really well. I recently bought a Badger, and it’s great, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have something like the Badger update_speed(speed) method? I realise there is likely to be ghosting, but I’m thinking of adding a few buttons (like here) and a fast update for drawing a menu would be great (again a bit like the badger).

Can anyone help? @hel ?

There isn’t a function in the Inky library currently for changing the refresh speed, but it might be possible to fiddle with the timings to better suit your application - this issue looks like it might be a reasonable starting point: Is there a "good" way to only update changed pixels? · Issue #122 · pimoroni/inky · GitHub

I think the more complicated multicoloured display controllers give you less control over how they can be updated in general. We managed hacky, fast updates on Badger as it’s a really simple mono screen (and running it from a RP2040 gives you more low level control).

We do have more Inky x RP2040 things coming soon though… 👀

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Ooh, can it be a big, cheap, monochrome inky please? :-)