InkyPhat - clear/clean screen or buffer

I am aware this is potentially my mindset, as i am thinking of it as a screen, when it is really epaper…

But i am going off, getting 10 sets of text.
I look through each set and display it on screen.

Except like pen and paper, it just draws it on top!
I imagine i need to clear the buffer, fill the screen blank, or similar… But my experience is low, and struggling to find a suitable detail in the PIL library.

Any advice?

There are plenty of ways you can do this.

  1. Take the last thing you drew and draw it again but this time with blank color (depending on your background).
  2. Draw a rectangle of clear color over the entire screen to clear everything out (don’t have to refresh in between just draw it before you draw the other thing)
  3. Draw a rectangle of clearing color that is slightly larger than the thing you wish to erase.

All but 1 should be covered by he inkyphat.rectangle() function.

Thanks, yes as i thought. N