Interstate 75 W Pico W C++ WIFI not working

Hi, I am trying to get the WiFi working on the Interstate 75 W board using the c/c++ examples. e.g.

I can build everything ok but when running any of the examples wifi will not connect. Wifi scan always shows 0 networks found. I tried to build with cmake -DPICO_BOARD=pico_w also.

I can run the micropython examples on the same board and they work fine.

Any help much appreciated

That example is for the old Pico Wireless board, which pre-dated the PicoW, and won’t work with it.

From a very quick scan, there’s not much obvious in the pimoroni-pico C++ examples that show PicoW networking, which is a bit of an oversight (although possibly because it’s … complicated).

I’ve got a PicoW boilerplate that provides some basic networking, although whether it’s a good place to learn PicoW networking is an open question :-)

Thanks very much for the reply. Ah right that has been driving me mad. I will take a look at your boilerplate and see if I can get that working.
What would be great if there was Interstate 75W drivers for Arduino IDE. Python is too limited and as we have discovered the C++ examples aren’t quite there.

To be fair to Pimoroni, the examples cover the Pimorini-related stuff well; the WiFi stuff on the PicoW is covered somewhat in the official Raspberry Pi documentation

Unfortunately it’s a complex area and quite quickly drifts into “go figure out cyw43/lwIP” which is … less well documented, but you get there in the end :)