Is the Unicorn pHAT compatible with Bluetooth audio ? Is it stackable with the Speaker pHAT?

I would like to combine a Pi Zero W with a Unicorn pHAT.
I would like to output music too :

  • Either via a Bluetooth audio link to a pair of speakers (will the Unicorn interfere with bluetooth audio output ?)
  • Or preferably via a Speaker pHAT (but can the Unicorn and the Speaker pHATs be stacked ?)

Are either of these things possible ?

Unicorn HAT:
Speaker pHAT:

Physically stacking them would be tricky, but you could use a:

Bluetooth audio should not be affected by Unicorn HAT since it doesn’t use the onboard PWM hardware as a DAC. It’s all-digital until it reaches the bluetooth audio device (as digital as waves through the air can get anyway!) where it’s then converted via a DAC into audio.


Thanks for the pinouts, love (seeing all those boards, with pinouts, so excellently documented, is like being in a candy shop ;-) ),

I meant Unicorn pHAT, not HAT - so I guess the answer is YES, and it’s trivial from a pinout point of view…

Thanks for the bluetooth audio confirmation too,



Oh yes, pHAT and HAT are absolutely identical in terms of Pinout. Lower power consumption, too, so it would probably play nicer.

talking about pinout, we need to get the overlay/comparison feature working.

… I mean it would then be clearer to see that there is a pin conflict with these 2 boards ;-)

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