Joystick Down Issue

I first want to say I am loving my new PiCade!
I purchased from mcm.
I only have one issue and from what I have read here on this forum it’s a know issue. The down Contact on the Joystick works about 1 out of 5 tryies. I reached out to mcm to get a replacement but they have suggested I come directly to you.
Hope you can help.

Try swapping the wiring - changing the wire for the down direction carefully with that for any other direction, and see if that works. I reckon it could be a loose wire in the loom.

I swapped out the wiring replaced top with bottom same issue only in reverse.

Ok completely rewired joystick. Must have had a bad ground or ID10T error thanks for your quick response now I can get back to munching goust down like candy! Also wanted to add I have already modded my unit added a 10.1 ips display. Probably going to build another with a 21.5" screen.
Totally Rocks! Thanks for all your help.

Great news! I like the sound of a 21.5" build.