Keybow Double Press key

Hi everyone,

I’m eagerly awaiting my Keybow (3-Key) to be delivered tomorrow an I’m trying to work out some layouts, ultimately I’d like to set the Keybow up for some MS Teams shortcuts (answer/reject call, mute/unmute mic, video on/off) and I’m wondering if anyone has had any ideas for doing single / double key strokes o answer / reject calls?

I haven’t ever really done any coding more than some (pretty convoluted) excel formulas and a tiny bit of Python on Codecamy, but I thought the below expression might work as a concept. I’ll definitely give it a go once I’m up and running tomorrow but any guidance will be gratefully received.

function handle_minikey_00(pressed)
    if pressed then
   		keybow.set_key(keybow.ESC, pressed)
        keybow.set_key(keybow.ENTER, pressed)