Keybow Mini middle key not working

I got a Keybow Mini for Christmas, with the intention of setting it up for a Copy, Cut and Paste keypad.
I left it for a bit (like 2-3 months) until I had a chance, so I’m not sure if it was always broken but I set up the software as a tester and found that the middle key doesn’t do its assigned function, whatever that may be; numbers or pausing music. This may not be down to the Keybow itself, because it looks fine from the outside and I haven’t bent any contacts etc. I’ve tried swapping keys around and it still doesn’t work. Now, it’s entirely possible that the issue is with the Raspberry Pi Zero because I soldered the header myself and in the application of the HAT, a few pins poked through the other side (not good). I pushed them back in, but I have no way of knowing if this is the issue because I only have one RPi Zero. Can it be tested with a full-size Pi? If so, where would you plug in the cable? Is there a way of seeing if your GPIOs are broken?

And if the issue is with the HAT, not the Pi (unlikely), how will I send it back, as it was a gift?

If some pins are protruding out the back side of the Pi, and they moved when you plugged in the hat, they must not have been soldered in properly? A picture of your soldering may be in order.
I couldn’t find a pinout for the keybow so I have no idea what pins it uses?
I do believe what ever Pi you use with the keybow needs to support gadget mode.

Maybe. Soldering is definitely not my strong point

Apologies for poor photo quality.

Back view of the Pi was what I was after. The back side of the GPIO header where its soldered. Doesn’t look good from that picture.

Can it be fixed at all, do you think?

Its not good but you may be able to salvage it.
Have a look see here.

I am amazed. After about half an hour of poking it with a soldering iron, I was convinced I’d made it worse. But now the middle key works! Thanks for all your help.

No problem. Soldering is something you get good at with practice. Hardly anybody gets it right first time around. It can be pretty bad looking and still be functional though.

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