Led_strip.set variables

led_strip.set_hsv(a, b, c, d)

Hi! I understand that A is LED number, B is a color, but I don’t know what C and D are. I think D is brightness and it’s between 1 and 0. Any clues on where I could get some info about this?


I’m also trying to work out the ampage here and how much amps this consumes, and how that’s affected by the C and D variables, if any information can be given or I can be directed to any resources.

As far as I can see, print(“Current =”, sense.read_current(), “A”) reads from the controller, and I’m using an external power supply.

A link to the example code would help. And what device your using to drive them.

The code is here, but (forgive my lack of python terminology and knowledge) the function is not available to me because it’s from a module. I don’t know where to view that function. It’s a plasma2040.

There is some info here, not sure it helps though?
pimoroni-pico/README.md at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

Now I look at it, I guess it’s probably Hue, Saturation and Value, where value is brightness? I would guess. I will have to do some of my own experiments to see how many amps that is.