M odule not found

why am i getting ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘St7789’ in weatherhat and

no module named ‘weatherhat’ in ST7789?

I’ve installed everything by the “book” and using raspberry on raspberry 400.

What code are you trying to run?

(also, what “book” did you install by, and what OS are you using)

Running Weatherhat. installed per directions found on pypi.org.

OS is raspberry 32 bit bookworm for pi400

Ok; I’m still not sure what code you’re running and your errors (if cut n pasted) are odd.

No module named ‘St7789’ in weatherhat and no module named ‘weatherhat’ in ST7789 imply that you’ve got something not quite right in your import; I can’t spot anything obvious in any of the examples, which is why I was asking which script precisely you were running.

While the instructions are broadly the same, you may find Pimoroni’s learn page on the WeatherHAT more approachable, rather than going off Pypi.

As you’re running on Bookworm, you will have encountered the joys of the new Python venv requirements, so double check that you’re in the correct environment (otherwise it won’t be able to find the right packages) - or, as a short-term workaround, downgrade to OS Legacy (bullseye).