Making fan shim "dumb"

As fanshim isn’t on yet - and given I like the form factor and prefer it to having a.n.other 5v 2 pin fan wired up and around my IQAudio DACPlus, I was wandering if there was any way to just turn fanshim into a dumb fan that’s always on.

The sounds not that obtrusive full on, and I don’t mind losing the features for my purpose.

Would anyone know what needs cutting (traces) or removing (components) or even additional shunting to achieve this ?

I only want I too take power and ground, leaving my IO clean.

I don’t have one, not yet anyway.
Looking at the examples it appears to be three sections.
The button, the LED, and the fan, all wired up separately / independantly.
The fan is likely turned on by a GPIO pin feeding a mosfet transistor. I think I see two on the board?
The LED is likely controlled over i2c
And the button wired to a GPIO pin. I think its actually wired to two pins for some reason? It was mentioned in another thread.
So I would think you could just leave the button and LED as is and not worry about them, assuming you don’t run the fan shim one line installer. They will just sit there doing nothing.
There are a couple of ways to do the fam. Find the pin on the mosfet that the GPIO usued to turn the fan on, determine if its pulled high or low, then just permanently wire it that way. Thats going to feed back to the GPIO pin if you don’t cut a track etc.
The other way is to remove the mosfet(s) and feed power into the pin it used to feed power to the fan. No signal going back to the GPIO.
Do you own a multi meter? If yes you should be able to poke around with the fan on and fan off and figure out what’s happening.

If you go to about 18 minutes in this video there is some info on the fan shim.

The pinout is now up. Looks like it doesn’t use i2c for the LED like I thought.