Mechanical Drawings for Automation HAT


Are there mechanical drawings or a stl file available for the Automation HAT. I’ve ordered several of these for a distributed monitoring system and would like to design the rack frames ahead of time.


I assume since it’s billed as a HAT, it follows the Raspberry Pi HAT standards for which there’s a schematic here with the exception of the cutaways. It at least gives you the max dimensions and the hole positions. The only thing you might want is the vertical height of the Automation HAT?

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This board follows the mechanical specification for HATs. It does not have any display or camera slots however.

Not sure if you need to know the clearance required in the z dimension, but you’d need a minimum of 10mm.

Also bear in mind that connections are to the left and bottom, bottom being the side opposite to the Pi header.

… hopefully that’s all you need?

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Thanks for the Link major_tomm, that did confirm the x/y dia that I had worked out from the Pi.

RogueM, yes that is exactly what I am looking for z-axis mechanical or a stl file of the assembled board (gpio header height, board thickness, and top side elevations for the screw terminals and relays). The rack enclosure I’m designing has tight z tolerances unfortunately.


The dimension I’ve given earlier is measured from the top side of the PCB, which features some SMT relays as the tallest components. While it’s unlikely the tallest point will vary greatly from board to board I can’t give you any reasonable measure of the possible variance across production.

Furthermore, FWIW, the underside features a shallow SMT header that I’d expect would fall well within the specs, that stipulates a 10-12mm clearance from the RPi PCB must be provided. My own Automation HAT is dead on 10mm.

Finally, the PCB is around 1.5mm in thickness.

Still, those are approximations, and for that reason, I would recommend you wait until you receive the boards before building your rack, as there are quite a few factors that could add or substract a couple of mils compared to this very rough estimation of a 22 mm projection from the RPi PCB.

Thanks for the clarification, that will at least let me do a rough STL block.

Have a good one.